The Surprising Reason Mike Huckabee is Saying ‘Thank God’ for Liberal Democrat Chuck Schumer


They’re definitely not a team you could envision under any other circumstances. But Mike Huckabee and Chuck Schumer are teaming up to oppose President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

Schumer, who is likely to become the top Senate Democrat after Harry Reid steps down, announced that he would vote against the deal and, if necessary, to override Barack Obama’s veto.

“Thank God for Chuck Schumer,” Huckabee said during a speech on Saturday at RedState Gathering in Atlanta.

At the same event, which invited every Republican presidential candidate except Donald Trump, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also said that as president he would “terminate” the agreement upon taking office.

Huckabee praised Schumer once again in an interview with David Brody following his speech, saying the New York Democrat “made a decision of statesmanship, not partisanship. He did something against his president, against his party but for his country.”

“I know he probably doesn’t look for any support from Republicans,” he said, but “people regardless of their party” should be grateful for his stance.”

Those on the other side of the political spectrum have had a much different reaction. “Charles Schumer has proven himself unworthy and ill-equipped to lead Senate Democrats,” liberal pundit Bill Press said. And 23,000 members of have pledged they will withhold $11 million worth of campaign contributions from Democrats in response.

Huckabee has compared the deal to the Holocaust. So has Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He and Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer have personally lobbied Democrats to vote against the deal.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on resolution of disapproval no later than September 17.

Sen. John McCain today told talk show host Hugh Hewitt that the Senate will have more than enough votes to break a Democratic filibuster, but it looks unlikely they will be able to override a promised veto.