Watch Marco Rubio School a Biased Anchor About the Sanctity of Life


Any Republican or conservative running for office has at least two opponents: The Democratic Party and the media. In some cases, the two wings of the liberal apparatus converge perfectly — like when the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo called Marco Rubio “backward” on abortion, because the Republican believes in science.

Sen. Rubio went on CNN’s New Day – probably as an act of mercy to increase their ratings — where Cuomo repeated Democratic Party talking points about abortion and the rape exception. Rubio, who has voted for legislation that allows abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, said in last Thursday’s debate that he did not necessarily favor abortion in those cases (even if he’d vote to enact them).

That set off a firestorm from the Left, particularly Hillary Clinton, who portrayed his comments as an “outrageous” part of the alleged war on women. Rubio said — correctly — that science has determined that life begins at conception. Cuomo responded with little in the way of proof, simply saying, “That’s your faith. That’s your faith. That’s not science.”

Watch Rubio get the better of Cuomo at every single turn. You can almost hear Cuomo thump as he hits the ground.

(Story continues following video.)
The controversy has not subsided, with Hillary increasing her attacks. But Rubio has responded that Clinton is the real extremist:

Hillary Clinton supports abortion even at the stage when an unborn child can feel pain; she has defended partial birth abortions as a “fundamental right;” she opposes requiring parents to be notified that their minor daughter is having an abortion; she supports funding Planned Parenthood even after they have been exposed for their role in selling the organs of unborn children; and she supports using taxpayer money to pay for abortions overseas.

His statements are praiseworthy in every way. But since politics is more Machiavelli than Mother Theresa, one hates to have to wonder….

What is Rubio up to?
Rubio has pitched himself as the Republican Establishment’s fall-back candidate in case Jeb Bush craters, as it increasingly look that he is. Wall Street donors distrust Scott Walker, because he is trustworthy; that is, they believe he is too sincere when he speaks about the right to life or his support for marriage. The have raised questions about Chris Christie’s commitment to Israel and John Kasich’s electability. But Rubio has already gotten the financial support of 27 major GOP megadonors, second only to Jeb. (Walker, by contrast, has reported none to date.)

With these comments, it appears Rubio is trying to make himself amendable to social conservatives – at least, on abortion – as well. Rubio is already the preferred candidate of “national security”/neoconservatives. Adding a percentage of the party’s base, which he lost by supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, could pave his path to the Republican nomination in 2016.

Whatever his motivation, thank God the truth of life is being spoken.