What is the Obama Admin. Hiding About Its Plan to Legalize Gambling?


In 2011, the Obama administration decided it would allow non-sport gambling to take place online. Even though the law seemed to forbid it – like so many other issues – the Obama administration simply substituted its "understanding" of the law for the law itself.

The legal group Judicial Watch has asked the Justice Department for more information about the decision, but the DOJ doesn't seem to be terribly interested in responding, as it is legally required to do.

“The executive action ‘legalizing’ online gambling is another example of the Obama administration’s habit of placing politics above law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “When the Justice Department reverses its own interpretation of a federal statute so quickly and so completely, the American people have a right to know why."

Or so you would think. Apparently, the Obama administration thinks otherwise.

Fitton's group filed a request for all documents related to the DOJ's "December 23, 2011 ruling to legalize non-sports betting over the internet." That Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was filed on October 27, 2014.

The Obama administration had until this February 18 to comply, but it just ignored the request.

In fact, according to Judicial Watch, "As of the date of this complaint, July 15, the Justice Department has failed to determine whether to comply with the FOIA request; notify Judicial Watch of any such determination; advise Judicial Watch of the right to appeal any adverse determination; produce the requested records or otherwise demonstrate that the requested records are exempt from production." (Emphasis added.)

"Given that the Justice Department is willing to violate federal records law rather than disclose information, Americans can presume corruption behind its decision to unilaterally legalize widespread Internet gambling,” Fitton said.

Another indication of corruption is the fact that the Obama administration tried to expand legalized gambling. Gambling is a sin. The soldiers who crucified Jesus gambled over his seamless robe (Matthew 27:35 and Mark 15:24). One of the early Christian writers said that anyone who gambles makes himself, or herself, part of their crime against Christ.

Of course, it's not just gambling where the Obama administration has decided the American people have no right to know what's happening with their own government. Conservatives has reported massive delays and unequal justice when making FOIA requests. Rep. Darrell Issa threatened the Obama administration with contempt for stonewalling a Congressional investigation into the ATF's "Fast and Furious" scandal.

The administration stonewalled on the role of Elena Kagan in crafting its defense of ObamaCare.

At one point, the Obama administration introduced a suggestion to lie about FOIA requests.

And federal employees across several agencies say the Obama administration has politicized their agencies to aid their friends and deny information to their perceived enemies.

As Christ said, "Men loved the darkness more than the light because their actions were evil" (John 3:19).