You Won’t Believe How Few Republicans Say God is the Most Important Factor in Their Vote

If Christians want to take back America, they will have to begin by putting the first thing first. A new poll calls into question whether they’re doing that, or whether they are just a little shy about saying they’re voting based on their faith in an increasingly post-Christian America.

A new CNN/ORC International poll interviewed 2,012 people in Iowa and narrowed its results to the 544 Republicans who were likely to vote in the Iowa caucuses next year.

Overall, exactly one percent said that the top issue that will determine how they vote is “Religion/God/Morality.”

In all, eight percent said “social issues” like abortion and gay “marriage” – the issues most clearly addressed in the Bible – are their top issues.

That’s still higher than most Iowans at large. Only five percent said social issues would determine their vote.

Compare that to the one-third (33 percent) of GOP caucus goers who said the economy – that is, their personal well-being – is the most important factor.

There’s no doubt that conservative Christians – especially evangelicals – have a major influence over the Iowa caucuses. Pat Robertson gave George H.W. Bush the shock of his life in 1988, and Mike Huckabee pulled off an upset win there 20 years later.

Maybe the issue is that Christians are afraid to say they base their votes on their faith. (See Matthew 10:33.) Maybe social issues are just one of the factors that they consider. Maybe they believe all the Republican candidates are basically the same on social issues and so they look for other issues that separate them.

But one percent is too low – way too low – whatever the reason. As disciples of Christ, we are called to “occupy until I come” (Luke 19:13). We rule and reign in heavenly places with Christ.

But we are to use the blessings of the earth for His glory, not ours. And this commitment extends to every area of our lives, including who we vote for.

We can do better than this.

Salt, don’t lose your savor.