Wendy Davis announces she is excited to be a grandmother


FORT WORTH, TX, May 3, 2016 (TheRightsWriter.com) – Former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who led an 11-hour filibuster against a bill to protect babies capable of feeling pain from abortion, has announced she is overjoyed to become a grandmother.

Her first granddaughter, who was born last Friday, “has stolen my heart completely,” she wrote.

Davis announced online:

“Ellis Tate Davis-Erdel (my first grandchild!) arrived on Friday the 29th of April. She has stolen my heart completely!!! (Notably, she shares a birthday with Willie Nelson.)”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that she made the comment on her Facebook page. However, no announcement appears on her page as of this writing.

The Tarrant County Democratic Party expressed its best wishes on Facebook, saying, “Congratulations to Wendy Davis and her family!” Comments made by pro-life members were subsequently erased.

Davis gained national recognition as a die-hard supporter of abortion-on-demand before acknowledging that she had two abortions earlier in her life.

Davis said one daughter – whom she wanted, and who was beyond 20 weeks gestation at the time of the abortion – suffered from “an irreparable and non-life sustaining brain…malformation.”

“I made my decision out of love,” she said.

Davis wrote in her autobiography, Forgetting to be Afraid, that she had decided to name the aborted girl Tate Elise Davis – similar to her grandchild’s name, Ellis Tate Davis-Erdel.

Her memoirs came under fire for dubious accounts of Davis’ life as a single mother living in a trailer park, which her campaign admitted had been imprecise.

It is not the first time that Davis has caused a stir by embracing abortion, without limits, while simultaneously invoking babies.

During her unsuccessful run for governor of Texas in 2014, Davis sold baby clothes, including a onesie that said “Generation Wendy.”

In the same controversial political bid, she told a Brownsville rally, “I am pro-life.” Republican opponents reminded her that she once referred to abortion as “sacred ground.”

She has since founded a new political group, Deeds Not Words, dedicated to promoting, not just abortion-on-demand, but a full spectrum of feminist policies.