Obama’s get-out-the-vote leader worked with Marxist groups on antiwar, anti-Israel rallies

A sign from the February 16, 2003, rally shows "counterfeit Jews" setting the world aflame. One of the senior leaders of President Obama's presidential campaign worked with Marxist-led groups to organize rallies in the San Francisco area, including a demonstration that barred a progressive rabbi from speaking because he believes Israel has the right to exist. Buffy Wicks, who currently … [Read more...]

Needless Obama Apology Costs Taxpayers At Least $1.8 Million

When Barack Obama ran for president, he claimed he would restore America’s image abroad by reversing the belligerent ways of George W. Bush, humbly apologizing for his country’s failures. Those efforts have paid off — just as this author predicted they would more than a year ago. Thanks to a needless Obama apology, the U.S. taxpayer is expected to spend $1.8 million — and may be on the hook for … [Read more...]

Video: White House On Lockdown After Occupiers Throw Smoke Bombs

The White House was on lockdown for more than an hour last nightafter protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement threw smoke bombs over the fence toward the Obamas’ residence. Secret Service held the estimated crowd of 1,500 OWS protesters with help from D.C. and Park Police. Ultimately, they let the crowd go without arresting anyone. The Obamas were not on the premises at the time. … [Read more...]

Video: Michelle Obama Will Run For The Senate In 2016, Pundit Predicts

Are you ready for Hillary, version 2.0? One veteran D.C. pundit believes you should be. John McLaughlin, the moderator of his eponymous PBS program The McLaughlin Group, capped off a round of commentators’ predictions with his own stunner: “Michelle Obama will run for the United States Senate in 2016, and she will be thereby mimicking, if that’s not the right word, duplicating the career of … [Read more...]

Book: Cranky Obama Didn’t Want To Pose With Combat Troops

Remember how President George W. Bush would spend hours talking to soldiers, comforting their families, and privately sobbing in their presence? Those days are as much a part of history as seven percent unemployment. In his book The Operators, Michael Hastings describes our current commander-in-chief’s desire not to bother himself with the men and women who put their lives on the line for this … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama, I Am NOT An Angry Black Woman, Dammit!

In so many ways, the first lady could learn from the Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Power is like being a lady…If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Her ladylike advice is lost on Michelle Obama, who cannot understand why the American people seem to think she is angry. On CBS’ “This Morning” program, Mrs. Obama criticized the portrait Jodi Kantor paints of her in her … [Read more...]

The Obamas Celebrate Black Racial Solidarity In Annual Kwanzaa Message

Barack and Michelle Obama rushed out a message to mark a phony, racist holiday invented by a Marxist who served years in prison for torturing two women. “We celebrate Kwanzaa,” they wrote, “at a time when many African Americans and all Americans reflect on our many blessings” — such as a 15.5 percent black unemployment rate, the highest in 27 years. They acknowledge “many Americans going through … [Read more...]