Do the Wicked Rule D.C.? What the Ashley Madison Dump Shows

A group of hackers breached the security of Ashley Madison, a website that exists to help married people have affairs. They discovered the names, addressed, GPS coordinates, e-mail addresses, and payment histories of the cheater social network's normally discrete clientele. Their find? At least 15,000 accounts belong to government officials. This comes from finding accounts using e-mail … [Read more...]

Will Obama’s national daycare get your child duct taped to the wall?

Joshua Minton, RIP. WASHINGTON, D.C., July 10, 2013 ( – Just yesterday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted to promote President Barack Obama's $75 million plan to enroll all middle class children in preschool beginning at age four. Although it has little been in the news, a powerful coalition of government officials, unions, nonprofits, and even retired military … [Read more...]

Same-sex ‘marriage’: A welfare program, not a right

Despite all the Sturm und Drang about equal rights, ending prejudice, and transcending the final frontier of the civil rights movement, the homosexual “marriage” movement is essentially just a pitch for another welfare program. Yes, insecure LGBT activists want the government to formally legitimize their sexual behavior as “equal” to the nuclear family norm. But when one pierces through their … [Read more...]

Get the DOJ Out of our Restrooms!

From the right to abortion to “the separation of church and state,” the nation's courts seem to be in the habit of inventing new “rights,” entitlements, and emanations of penumbrae to justify their predetermined decisions. In that spirit, I propose a new legal doctrine: the separation of restroom and state. This novel concept is inspired by the Obama administration's decision to force the … [Read more...]

Obama Proposes New Dept. Of Corporate Welfare

The media trumpet a new proposal from Barack Obama to “streamline” the U.S. government to “save money” and “make America more competitive.” Since nothing in his history suggests Obama is interested in nor competent to deal with the business world, it begs the question what he’s really up to. Conservative analysts have found the answer: pumping up corporate welfare. Obama’s request for … [Read more...]

Obama’s World: Federal Bureaucrats’ Pay Rises Higher Than Private Workers

For anyone who doubts that Barack Obama favors federal bureaucrats over the ever-dwindling number of employed taxpayers, USA Today released a potent article the day after Christmas. The paper’s independent analysis confirms, while the massive pay hikes of the last 10 years have slowed, “federal employees still did slightly better than workers in the private sector or at state and local … [Read more...]

Fearless Bachmann, Obama Is “Acting Like We’re In a Banana Republic”

Michele Bachmann has been fearless in attacking liberal truth-twisters in both parties. On Sunday, she hit upon a line of attack so devastating that the media have tried to destroy her for it. Bachmann said President Obama has added so much money to our national deficit that he is "acting like we're in a banana republic." On Meet the Press, she noted that the deficit has nearly doubled since … [Read more...]

Teddy Roosevelt Rebukes Obama, Pt. 1: Occupy Wall Street

This is part one of a four part series on how Barack Obama is repudiated by the very speech and president he cited. Read part two, three, or four, or read a compendium of the four in one article here. -- TRW. On Tuesday, Barack Obama gave a speech (stop the presses!) of dubious veracity in the small town of Osawatomie, Kansas, in a desperate attempt to wrap himself in the mantle of Theodore … [Read more...]

Video: Govt Says Hunters, Extreme Couponers are Potential Terrorists

How much does the government fear its own citizens? So much so that guidelines for spotting potential terrorists include anyone who has more than a seven-day supply of food in his home, anyone who is missing fingers, and anyone who possesses multiple firearms or weather-proof ammunition. These criteria are so broad they put every hunter, sportsman, and extreme couponer in the United States on par … [Read more...]

Solyndra to Cost You Another $14.3 Million

The Solyndra loan debacle has already cost American taxpayers more than half-a-billion dollars, but it is about to cost them millions more. Each of the company's 1,100 former employees will receive a package of federally funded benefits worth approximately $13,000 in Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), increasing the Solyndra bill by $14.3 million. TAA assists workers who have lost their jobs … [Read more...]