Lindsey Graham runs for president: I’m a a social conservative, but without the ‘animosity’

CENTRAL, SC, June 4, 2015 ( – Before a crowd in his hometown of Central, South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham squeezed into the Republican presidential race on Monday, focusing on foreign affairs and sparing little time for social issues. “I will be a champion of social conservative values without apology, or animosity,” he said in a speech that did not use the words “abortion,” … [Read more...]

Can pictures of aborted children help end abortion?

Not really, but we'll talk about them. Abortionists perpetrate unspeakable crimes against unborn children, but some believe it is those who display pictures of their handiwork who are the real extremists. At times, even those in the pro-life movement have accused those who use “graphic images” of “extremism.” Do such images help or hurt the cause? I confess, I have struggled with the role … [Read more...]

Reagan’s estranged daughter, who hated him, says parents would have approved redefining marriage

April 19, 2013 – Even though Ronald Reagan has been dead for eight years, Patti Davis is not done defiling her father's memory. And now she has dragged her ailing mother into it, too. Earlier this month, she claimed her father would have supported gay “marriage.” Now, she says since her mother, Nancy, did not contradict her, she must support redefining marriage, as well. Davis said she never … [Read more...]

Obama’s Policies Could Cause A Second U.S. Credit Downgrade

Barack Obama became the first president to preside over a downgrade of the U.S. credit rating. Now, he may cause a second. Fitch Ratings has warned the United States it may downgrade the U.S. credit rating in 2013 if the nation does not take steps to balance its exploding national deficit. Without a “credible plan” to cut the deficit, the ratings agency warned in a statement, “the sovereign … [Read more...]

LOL: Obama Really Is The 4th Greatest President, Says White House Spokesman

American Crossroads released this must watch short video about Barack Obama’s contention that he is the 4th Greatest President of all-time. But not to be upstaged by his boss, at yesterday’s White House press briefing, when a reporter asked the president’s spokesman Jay Carney about Barack Obama’s claim that he could be considered the fourth best president in U.S. history, behind only Lincoln, … [Read more...]

Obama, I’m The 4th Best President Ever

[Read more...]

Teddy Roosevelt Rebukes Obama, Pt. 1: Occupy Wall Street

This is part one of a four part series on how Barack Obama is repudiated by the very speech and president he cited. Read part two, three, or four, or read a compendium of the four in one article here. -- TRW. On Tuesday, Barack Obama gave a speech (stop the presses!) of dubious veracity in the small town of Osawatomie, Kansas, in a desperate attempt to wrap himself in the mantle of Theodore … [Read more...]

Gary Johnson Grabs the GOP’s Third Rail: Cutting Military Spending

Every political epoch has one: a third rail, an issue so electric that any mention of it tends to close discussion and slam doors rather than broaden discourse and widen debate. For 65 years, increased military spending has been the sacred cow no politician hoping to capture the Republican presidential nomination dared question. Although GOP stalwarts favored cutting every other area of … [Read more...]

Rebuttal to the Liberal Media: Barack Obama Deserves Impeachment

This author reported that last Monday Congressman Michael Burgess told a Tea Party gathering that impeachment "needs to happen." Burgess, who represents the Ft. Worth area, quickly caught fire from his local media. The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram ran an editorial the next day entitled, "Impeachment is not a political tool," stating that Burgess should have taken impeachment off the table. The … [Read more...]

Obama Lies About Stealth Amnesty, TSA Cancer; Media Bash Bachmann

Before the invention of movable type, newspapers created a tablet for each page they wished to print and broke it at the end of the day. If the media wanted to conserve resources, they could simply fuse the words "The Obama administration lied" to the opening line of each day's edition and fill in the blank appropriately. This week alone, the press exposed Obama administration lies -- in some … [Read more...]