Funny or Die chooses death

I love stand-up comedy. At one time, it wouldn't have been an exaggeration to say I was a stand-up connoisseur. I watched everyone who walked up to a mic. One of the things I learned was that there's an uncomfortable feeling into some comedian's "set" when you realize he's done with the intro, he's hit his stride - this is his act. And he's just. Not. Funny. I had that old familiar feeling a … [Read more...]

15 Contradictions You Have to Believe to Fit in with Pop Culture

The Obamas, the prime beneficiaries of our cultural morass. HOLLYWOOD, August 20, 2014 ( -- One of the great quotations of our time is from James Burnham, a former Trotskyite Communist-turned-conservative who became an editor at National Review. Fifty years ago, he wrote in his book Suicide of the West that “Modern liberalism, for most liberals, is not a consciously … [Read more...]

Dancing Sufis for Abortion reported some time ago about Planned Parenthood's latest, most bizarre effort to drum up support for its indefensible industry: holding a 40-day prayer campaign in favor of abortion. Kathleen Gilbert reported the 40 Days of Prayer material “lists 40 different prayers for those involved in the 'sacred care' of abortions to continue protecting, providing, and embracing the procedure … [Read more...]

President Plays 90 Rounds Of Golf: Another Historic Obama First!

Our history-making president has done it again! Barack Obama has played 90 rounds of golf during his three years in office, something observers say is an historic first for any president. Keith Koffler of the White House Dossier reports: That’s about three months of golf, given that the excursions generally take about five hours – much of the useful portion of the day. What’s more, it’s the … [Read more...]

Separated at Birth: Sharon Bialek and Roseanne?

On the left is Sharon Bialek, the woman who has come forward to publicly accuse Herman Cain of sexually harassing her. On the right is former sitcom star and recent decapitation advocate, Roseanne Barr Pentland Arnold Thomas Barr. Not convinced of the resemblance? How about this comparison? If that doesn't put the "sexual harassment" accusations into perspective, nothing will. Bialek … [Read more...]

Video: Angry Obama Tells Black Group “Stop complainin’,” Shut Up and Follow Me

Obama is on the stump before the group that most supports his agenda, the Congressional Black Caucus, and he's never looked angrier. The president and the CBC have a friendly spat going, because members such as Maxine Waters believe Obama has not done enough for her constituents. (Their answer: steal more money from productive America.) Knowing he has only 13 more unconscionable unemployment … [Read more...]

Video: Obama Does History, the “Intercontinental Railroad”

On Thursday, Barack Obama gave a stump speech in Cincinnati to bolster his $477 billion wealth redistribution jobs bill. "We used to have the best infrastructure in the world here in America," he griped. "We’re the country that built the Intercontinental Railroad." America build the Transcontinental Railroad, not the Intercontinental Railroad. One could argue this was a slip of the tongue … [Read more...]

Obama Lies About Stealth Amnesty, TSA Cancer; Media Bash Bachmann

Before the invention of movable type, newspapers created a tablet for each page they wished to print and broke it at the end of the day. If the media wanted to conserve resources, they could simply fuse the words "The Obama administration lied" to the opening line of each day's edition and fill in the blank appropriately. This week alone, the press exposed Obama administration lies -- in some … [Read more...]

Video: Obama Says ATMs Steal Our Jobs

Obamanomics has finally been explained. The president told Ann Curry the reason 1.9 million fewer people are working today than in 2009 is because of cutting-edge technology, like ATMs, that steal jobs from American workers. Yes, ATMs. 1. Remember when George H.W. Bush was ridiculed, falsely, for not knowing about electronic scanners in grocery stores? The first true ATM was introduced in … [Read more...]

Obama Locuta Est, Causa Finita Est

One of the phrases attributed to St. Augustine is, “Roman locuta est, causa finita est” — Rome has spoken, the cause is finished. Unfortunately, today’s Roman Catholic politicians have no trouble ignoring the moral teachings of the Pope. But for three years, the American Left has invested plenipotentiary authority in the words of The One, Barack Obama. Anyone who disagrees with him is treated … [Read more...]