Senate Dems outraged that Kaine wants them to follow the Constitution, vote on War on Iraq/Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 29, 2014 ( - Senator Tim Kaine, D-VA, is under fire from his own side of the aisle for proposing that the Constitution is still operative. Kaine, who succeeded Jim Webb in the Senate, has said President Obama should ask for Congressional authorization for any further war against ISIS/ISIL in Iraq and Syria. “I am calling for the mission and objectives … [Read more...]

If You Read Only One Story on LifeSiteNews…

July 25, 2013 ( – Make it this one. It is far and away the most important of the many important stories we published on Thursday. Contrary to the law and common sense, the Obama administration has successfully pressured California's Arcadia Unified School District into allowing a teenage girl who is just entering high school to use the boys' restroom, locker room, and to … [Read more...]

Obama on Pope’s resignation: “I have appreciated our work together over these last four years”

President Barack Obama has released a statement on the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and, as usual, it's all about himself. In three spartan sentences, he manages to use the word “I” four times. The use of the first-person singular is Obama's own Holy Tradition, a hallmark of both his rhetoric and his governing style. His administration is a Magisterium of one. Nonetheless, one line is … [Read more...]

Get the DOJ Out of our Restrooms!

From the right to abortion to “the separation of church and state,” the nation's courts seem to be in the habit of inventing new “rights,” entitlements, and emanations of penumbrae to justify their predetermined decisions. In that spirit, I propose a new legal doctrine: the separation of restroom and state. This novel concept is inspired by the Obama administration's decision to force the … [Read more...]

Obama Wants America Run Like the Military – and He’s Giving the Orders

Presidents often use State of the Union Addresses to articulate a more comprehensive ideology of government or society. In the 2012 SOTU, what did President Barack Obama hold up as his ideal? Military life. Obama took the name of the armed forces in vain, twice, simultaneously claiming undeserved credit for killing Osama bin Laden and forecasting the way his opponents should fall in line, … [Read more...]

Obama: I’ll Keep Pushing Amnesty, Solyndra, and Executive Fascism

One of the less-explored realities of his State of the Union Address last night is that Barack Obama doubled-down on the most controversial, unconstitutional, and blatantly illegal aspects of his presidency. Addressing his million-strong job deficit and the need for energy, Obama promised to continue funding Green energy ventures in the full knowledge that many will turn out ot be failures. … [Read more...]

Obama Proposes New Dept. Of Corporate Welfare

The media trumpet a new proposal from Barack Obama to “streamline” the U.S. government to “save money” and “make America more competitive.” Since nothing in his history suggests Obama is interested in nor competent to deal with the business world, it begs the question what he’s really up to. Conservative analysts have found the answer: pumping up corporate welfare. Obama’s request for … [Read more...]

Is Big Sis Reading Your FaceBook Page?

The Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security is monitoring numerous media outlets — and new guidelines open the possibility that the DHS will spy on private citizens’ Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace pages and retain personal information in its database for up to five years. The “Social Networking/Media Capability” program is conducted by the DHS’s National Operations Center (NOC)’s … [Read more...]

Obama’s Resolution: Ignore Congress Again In 2012

The mainstream media have finally caught on to the president’s agenda, more than a year after this author exposed it in this pages. On New Year’s Day, the Los Angeles Times carried a story detailing Barack Obama’s strategy for 2012: bypass Congress and rule by executive order. The Times quoted Obama adviser Josh Earnest’s curt euphemism that, “In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress … [Read more...]

Obama’s Christmas Present To Illegals: 24/7 Hotline To Help Aliens Get Out Of Jail

The Obama administration rolled out the next stop on the road to amnesty yesterday. On Thursday, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) established a new 24/7, toll-free hotline to help illegal aliens in custodyand assure they “are made aware of their rights.” It will help illegals get released from the custody of pesky law enforcers who do not believe in stealth amnesty, file civil rights … [Read more...]