Iowa Voting Irregularities Kept Santorum From Becoming The Anti-Romney Candidate

Vote irregularities in the Iowa caucuses led to Mitt Romney erroneously being declared the winner of the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, artificially giving his presidential campaign weeks of momentum and depriving Rick Santorum the opportunity to become the conservatives’ alternative candidate. The original results showed Mitt Romney had won in Iowa by a margin of eight votes. But yesterday, … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama, I Am NOT An Angry Black Woman, Dammit!

In so many ways, the first lady could learn from the Iron Lady. Margaret Thatcher famously said, “Power is like being a lady…If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Her ladylike advice is lost on Michelle Obama, who cannot understand why the American people seem to think she is angry. On CBS’ “This Morning” program, Mrs. Obama criticized the portrait Jodi Kantor paints of her in her … [Read more...]

The Drudge Report Discovers Impeachment (But We Scooped It)

The Drudge Report has discovered the Impeach Obama movement. Matt Drudge’s well-trafficked news hub linked to a story readers of this author had known for days. On Friday night, the web’s number one new site linked to this story from entitled, “‘Impeach Obama’ Banner May Fly Over Super Bowl.” That outlet ran the story on Friday, January 6. On Tuesday, January 3, this … [Read more...]

Allegation: Santorum Won The Iowa Caucus

A 28-year-old Iowa caucus goer may have exposed the biggest political story of the year: GOP officials in his country misreported Mitt Romney’s vote in the Iowa caucus, and Rick Santorum actually won. Edward True, a Ron Paul supporter, told local KCCI-TV: “When Mitt Romney won Iowa by eight votes and I’ve got a 20-vote discrepancy here, that right there says Rick Santorum won Iowa,” True said. … [Read more...]

Obama’s Resolution: Ignore Congress Again In 2012

The mainstream media have finally caught on to the president’s agenda, more than a year after this author exposed it in this pages. On New Year’s Day, the Los Angeles Times carried a story detailing Barack Obama’s strategy for 2012: bypass Congress and rule by executive order. The Times quoted Obama adviser Josh Earnest’s curt euphemism that, “In terms of the president’s relationship with Congress … [Read more...]

GOP Ignores Voting Irregularities In The Iowa Caucuses

Maybe I’m distrustful by nature, but something about the Iowa caucuses’ results last night bothers me. Just weeks ago, anonymous left-wing activists threatened the Iowa Republican Party with hacking its vote totals. The Hawkeye state GOP insisted all was fine but took the threat seriously enough to alter its usual methods. In the weeks leading up to the vote, the Republican Establishment … [Read more...]

Fearless Bachmann, Obama Is “Acting Like We’re In a Banana Republic”

Michele Bachmann has been fearless in attacking liberal truth-twisters in both parties. On Sunday, she hit upon a line of attack so devastating that the media have tried to destroy her for it. Bachmann said President Obama has added so much money to our national deficit that he is "acting like we're in a banana republic." On Meet the Press, she noted that the deficit has nearly doubled since … [Read more...]

Video: Obama, Fixing the Economy is “Probably Going to Take More than One President”

On 60 MinutesSunday, Barack Obama told Steve Kroft fixing America’s economy was going to take more than one term, more than his second term if he is re-elected — in fact, it is “probably going to take more than one president.” In essence, the president of hope and change told the American people their country is wrecked until at least 2017. Giving his latest excuse about why the economy has … [Read more...]

Liberal Logic: Arresting Fewer Illegals Proves the Border is Secure

For a conservative, observing the average liberal mind is an exercise in disorientation. In the photo lab of reason, they appear to have gotten only the negatives. Although we believe in civility and dialogue, speaking with a doctrinaire left-winger often proves meaningless unless you intend to write dialogue for Bizarro World. Now, another such moment is upon us. Judging from the liberal media, … [Read more...]

Politico: Yes, Obama Hates America

Barack Obama's hatred of his own country has become so palpable that even the most milquetoast moderate media outlets can no longer ignore it. Keith Koffler, a former reporter for Roll Call who currently runs the White House Dossier website, wrote an op-ed in yesterday's edition of Politico entitled, "Obama's Dark Vision of America." The piece blasts the president's "relentless reelection focus on … [Read more...]