Same-sex ‘marriage’: A welfare program, not a right

Despite all the Sturm und Drang about equal rights, ending prejudice, and transcending the final frontier of the civil rights movement, the homosexual “marriage” movement is essentially just a pitch for another welfare program. Yes, insecure LGBT activists want the government to formally legitimize their sexual behavior as “equal” to the nuclear family norm. But when one pierces through their … [Read more...]

The State of Illusion Address, 2012

Barack Obama's State of the Union Address joined his other public remarks as an exercise in virtual reality. In addition to its jaundiced view of the free market and overly rosy view of the present economic crisis, his speech contained a number of factual errors, misleading statements, and outright lies. 1. “The Taliban’s momentum has been broken, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to … [Read more...]

Obama Proposes New Dept. Of Corporate Welfare

The media trumpet a new proposal from Barack Obama to “streamline” the U.S. government to “save money” and “make America more competitive.” Since nothing in his history suggests Obama is interested in nor competent to deal with the business world, it begs the question what he’s really up to. Conservative analysts have found the answer: pumping up corporate welfare. Obama’s request for … [Read more...]

See Sick Taxpayer-Funded Video On “Raw-Dogging” Sex

This disgusting video is from a nonprofit that receives your tax dollars to fund garbage such as this video. And they all say they can’t find room for cuts in DC. Check out this link which shows how Obama’s “Recovery” Waste Your Money Act gave over 3,000,000 dollars to this outfit. I’m sure this video really stimulated the economy. … [Read more...]

Michelle Obama, Call Me “Your Excellency”!

Her Royal Highness Michelle Obama will appear in an upcoming episode of the Nickelodeon show iCarly. In the children’s program, which airs on January 16, the character Sam Puckett calls her “Your Excellency.” When a friend corrects Sam, Michelle responds, “No, no, I kinda like it.” Hollywood writers managed to capture the truth about our first lady. She seems to share the same philosophy as … [Read more...]

Obama’s World: Federal Bureaucrats’ Pay Rises Higher Than Private Workers

For anyone who doubts that Barack Obama favors federal bureaucrats over the ever-dwindling number of employed taxpayers, USA Today released a potent article the day after Christmas. The paper’s independent analysis confirms, while the massive pay hikes of the last 10 years have slowed, “federal employees still did slightly better than workers in the private sector or at state and local … [Read more...]

Fearless Bachmann, Obama Is “Acting Like We’re In a Banana Republic”

Michele Bachmann has been fearless in attacking liberal truth-twisters in both parties. On Sunday, she hit upon a line of attack so devastating that the media have tried to destroy her for it. Bachmann said President Obama has added so much money to our national deficit that he is "acting like we're in a banana republic." On Meet the Press, she noted that the deficit has nearly doubled since … [Read more...]

Video: Obama, Fixing the Economy is “Probably Going to Take More than One President”

On 60 MinutesSunday, Barack Obama told Steve Kroft fixing America’s economy was going to take more than one term, more than his second term if he is re-elected — in fact, it is “probably going to take more than one president.” In essence, the president of hope and change told the American people their country is wrecked until at least 2017. Giving his latest excuse about why the economy has … [Read more...]

A Subpoena for Solyndra

Tired of the Obama administration's "slow-walking" documents related to the Solyndra scandal, Republicans on a House panel voted today to subpoena all documents related to Solyndra. The motion to hold the Obama administration accountable passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee on a 14-9, party-line vote. The measure authorizes committee chairman Rep. Fred Upton, R-MI, to issue a subpoena … [Read more...]

Video: Obama, “God Wants Us” to Pass My Jobs Bill

During a speech in the nation's capital today, Barack Obama said in essence that God supports his jobs bill. The strange statement came after the House of Representatives passed a bill affirming that "In God We Trust" is our national motto by a margin of 396-9. (Those who voted against "In God We Trust" included Democrats Jerrold Nadler and Gary Ackerman of New York, Pete Stark and Judy Chu of … [Read more...]