This Ronald Reagan story is eerily close to Paul LePage’s real life ‘abortion’ experience (Video)

AUGUSTA, ME, September 15, 2014 ( – Can you bear one more Reagan pro-life story? Maine Governor Paul LePage told a haunting personal story last week about how his father physically abused his pregnant mother until she lost their child. That story sounds eerily close to a story Ronald Reagan told 30 years ago. Discussing his inveterate opposition to domestic violence, … [Read more...]

Fmr. Governor Reubin Askew, the last pro-life Democrat to run for president, dies at 85

TALLAHASSEE, FL, March 13, 2014 – Former Florida Governor Reubin Askew, the last pro-life politician to mount a serious bid for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, died today at age 85. Remembered as a man of integrity and faith, Askew was a born again Presbyterian elder who campaigned for “a constitutional amendment to reverse Roe v. Wade,” opposed casino gambling, and signed one … [Read more...]