Ben Carson: ‘It is not fair’ for transgender men to use women’s restrooms (video)

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 6, 2015 - Dr. Ben Carson does not believe it would be "fair" for biological men to invade the privacy of women by using their restrooms. The neurosurgeon told Jorge Ramos that he opposes redefining marriage, as well as including "gender identity" in civil rights ordinances. When asked about whether transgender men should be allowed to use the women's restroom, … [Read more...]

Dr. Ben Carson’s defends referring women to abortionists

Christians must get involved in politics, uphold Biblical values, and take back their country. “Nothing is more important in the next 18 months than that the Body of Christ rises up and that Christians stand up—that pastors stand up and lead," he said. Sen. Ted Cruz made that comment last Tuesday, April 11, as he stopped by the studios of AFR Talk Radio Network, a ministry of the American … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Accused Obama of Anti-Semitism. Is He Right?

Barack Obama's followers love to dish it out, but they can't take it. Since he entered the political scene, Obama's followers have accused everyone who criticizes him of "racism." But now the president is being accused of anti-Semitism for opposing the Israeli leadership over the Iran nuclear deal. None other than presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson wrote in The Jerusalem Post that … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Explains His Position on Using Aborted Babies’ Cells for Medical Experiments

Dr. Ben Carson said he did not collect cells from aborted babies, and had nothing to do with the cells themselves -- but he strongly defended medical research that uses cells from babies who died by abortion-on-demand. Yesterday, we covered the controversy of a 1992 experiment Dr. Carson participated in that used the cells of babies aborted as late as 17 weeks. Dr. Carson wrote on … [Read more...]

Ben Carson says it is ‘foolish’ not to use already aborted babies’ tissues in experiments

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson denies that he personally handled the remains of aborted children during a medical research project – while defending the use of aborted babies' cells for such research. The blog of an OB/GYN who supports abortion on demand revealed that Dr. Carson took part in a 1992 experiment that used cells taken … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Experimented on Aborted Babies’ Tissue: Here’s Why I Have an Issue With That

I really like Dr. Ben Carson. He is outspoken about his faith. (He's a Seventh Day Adventist from Detroit.) He overcame poverty to become one of the most celebrated physicians of our time. He overtly bases his policy positions on the Bible -- for instance, his 10 percent flat tax. Beyond that, he's just likable. He seems to have a truly Spirit-controlled temperament. But he's going to have … [Read more...]

Ben Carson Takes Time Off the Campaign Trail to Share His Testimony

Dr. Ben Carson is surging in public opinion polls thanks to his strong performance during last Thursday's Republican presidential debate. But not all his stops are about his political ambitions. The good doctor took time off the campaign trail on Sunday to share his testimony with the LifePoint Assembly of God in Osceola, Iowa. Although he was raised in a Christian home, Carson said the … [Read more...]