Sotomayor’s Racialist Judicial Activism

This article originally appeared as the weekend lead for Friday, June 26, 2009. Five months later, it was chosen for inclusion in Opposing Viewpoints, America's Prisons, vol. 2. The inclusion is a special honor for me. Not only is the Opposing Viewpoints series in nearly every high school library in the country, but it provides an invaluable service: fairly representing conflicting views on an … [Read more...]

Setting Murderers Free

THE ONCE-RESPECTED NEW YORK TIMES now specializes in “news” stories that undermine the war in Iraq, strengthen the prejudices of Bush detractors, cover the tracks of Islamic terrorists (aka “militants”), promote left-wing radicals (Lynne Stewart, Stanley Cohen, et. al.), and obscure the pro-terrorist and pro-Communist agendas of the organizers of “peace” demonstrations (International ANSWER and … [Read more...]