This is Bad News for Chris Christie

Taxpayers in New Jersey shoulder a greater per capita amount of debt than in any other state in the union, according to a new report released yesterday by Truth in Accounting. There is $52,300 in debt for each taxpayer, the heaviest burden in the country, according to TIA, nearly $4,000 per person more than second-place Connecticut. Even that may not present the whole picture. According to … [Read more...]

Striking Back Against Chris Christie’s Surprising Assault on Religious Liberty

Chris Christie hopes to land in the White House, but he may end up being taken before the Supreme Court. Attorneys have asked Supreme Court justices to review New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 3371 (“A3371”) - signed by Christie - which bans minors from voluntarily receiving "reparative therapy." The sessions, conducted by trained psychologists, do not promise to "cure" homosexuals but can help reduce … [Read more...]

Chris Christie Says Hillary Must Answer This Question Immediately (Video)

After Hillary Clinton said she was "proud to stand with Planned Parenthood," Chris Christie had just one question: Really? The former secretary of state actually attacked Republicans over the issue after Jeb Bush made a verbal gaffe during an appearance before a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, when he appeared to question public funding of women's health care. Jeb later said he … [Read more...]

Chris Christie and The Donald: Defund Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump and Chris Christie have joined the growing number of Americans who say Planned Parenthood should be defunded. The nation's largest abortion provider came under fire after undercover videos show its national leaders casually discussing how to harvest, then sell, the organs and body tissue of aborted babies. he way that woman’s eating her salad … she’s eating her salad and … it’s … [Read more...]

Christie Crushes Conscience

In a crowded Republican primary field, every candidate has to do something to break out: offer new policies, bring a dynamic spin to his message, or burnish a record so compelling it demands voters' attention. Chris Christie has apparently decided to break through the Republican ranks by running on a new policy: Banish Christians from the public square. Interviewed last week about whether a … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Christians will not Vote for Chris Christie in the Primaries

New Jersey's tough-talking governor, Chris Christie, entered the Republican presidential race yesterday, making him the 14th presidential hopeful in 2016 (so far). While he is a likable person and consummate retail politician, his positions on key issues put him outside consideration for Christian conservatives voting in the 2016 primaries. Here are six reasons why Christians will not vote for … [Read more...]

Gary Herbert for president!

No, I'm not really endorsing Utah Governor Gary Herbert for president in 2016 – but the way he handled an activist judge's decision to redefine marriage proves Herbert would be better for the job than Chris Christie. On Friday, an Obama-appointed judge overturned Utah's state constitutional amendment protecting marriage – one passed by two-thirds of state voters in … [Read more...]

Chris Christie short-arms the family

Politics has been compared to chess, poker, boxing, and“show business for ugly people.” But politics is so filled with artifice and contrivance that it can justly be compared to only one sport – professional wrestling. There is a classic scenario in pro wrestling: A promoter pairs a fan favorite up with a wrestler with a shady past. Over time, the hero is convinced to put his suspicions aside … [Read more...]