Ben Carson: I’d Vote for a Muslim, if He’s an ‘Infidel’

Last night, he clarified that he would vote for someone who believed in the God of Islam - as long as he did not believe that Shari'a law should replace the Constitution. "Now, if someone has a Muslim background, and they’re willing to reject those tenets and to accept the way of life that we have [in America], and clearly will swear to place our Constitution above their religion, then - of … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum: I wouldn’t participate in ‘morally suspect’ fetal organ research (video)

August 18, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Most of the 2016 Republican hopefuls have been silent - at least publicly - about Dr. Ben Carson's participation in a 1992 study that used fetal tissue taken from aborted babies. But when asked, Rick Santorum said publicly that he would not take part in any research that is "morally suspect." Dr. Carson published a paper in the November 1992 Human … [Read more...]

WATCH: Ben Carson Defend the Biblical Tithe; ‘God’s a Pretty Fair Guy’

Dr. Ben Carson proved at last night's debate in Cleveland that, unlike so many other politicians, he does not draw a line between his faith and his political views. When the debate turned to taxes, Carson promoted his plan for a 10 percent flat tax, which he said explicitly "is based on tithing, because I think God is a pretty fair Guy." His remarks came after Mike Huckabee proposed a Fair Tax, … [Read more...]

WATCH: Ben Carson Uses a Reporter’s Mistake About His Mother’s Death to Glorify God

When a journalist on an international news broadcast made an embarrassing mistake about a very personal matter, Dr. Ben Carson took the opportunity to glorify God before an international audience of millions. The neurosurgeon and 2016 presidential candidate discussed the latest undercover Planned Parenthood videos on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper yesterday. Before they turned to the main … [Read more...]