West Virginia Democrat praises ‘the gift of life’ while vetoing late-term abortion ban – for the second time

CHARLESTON, WV, March 3, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – For the second time in two years, West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin has vetoed a bill to prevent abortions from being performed on babies who are capable of feeling pain – and cited his belief in “the gift of life” in the process. The West Virginia Democrat vetoed the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.B. … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham: I’ll make it easier to have a late-term abortion in the Senate version of the 20-week bill

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 27, 2015 -- After a revolt by Republican women indefinitely delayed the House vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act, Senator Lindsey Graham has promised to strike a provision from the bill requiring women to report their rapes to the authorities from the senate version when he introduces it. “Nobody’s for rape,” Graham told Roll Call, the … [Read more...]

Ronald Reagan Spoke About Fetal Pain…and ‘Personhood’

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 12, 2014 (TheRightsWriter.com) – Posting yesterday's throwback video of Ronald Reagan addressing the 1988 March for Life brought up an important aspect of the current pro-life debate: In his 1988 speech and elsewhere, President Reagan spoke about both fetal pain and the concept of “personhood.” In the address, his last before a March for Life, Reagan remembered: A … [Read more...]