The one question Planned Parenthood should ask itself about the shooting, according to Rush Limbaugh

December 3, 2015 ( - According to talk show host Rush Limbaugh, if liberals were consistent, they would ask themselves one question about last Friday's Planned Parenthood shooting: "What did we do to cause it?" The Left consistently blames the victims of Islamic jihad for their actions, so they should apply the same scrutiny to themselves, the talk show … [Read more...]

Video: Occupy Portland Sings F— the USA

If you are arguing that major components of the activist Left hate America, it's hard to find more compelling proof than this video from Occupy Portland. These street performers are singing "F--- the USA" with the kind of gusto that can be fueled only by vitriolic venom. You can watch the Joker, Methuselah, and the punk kid rocking out below: … [Read more...]

Why Do They Hate Us?

[The following is an exchange between author William Blum and FrontPage Magazine's Managing editor Ben Johnson, the co-author (with David Horowitz) of Party of Defeat.] Why Do They Hate Us? By William Blum From the late 1970s through much of the 1980s, Afghanistan had a government that was secular and relatively progressive, allowing women equal rights, including Western dress. And what … [Read more...]