Funny or Die chooses death

I love stand-up comedy. At one time, it wouldn't have been an exaggeration to say I was a stand-up connoisseur. I watched everyone who walked up to a mic. One of the things I learned was that there's an uncomfortable feeling into some comedian's "set" when you realize he's done with the intro, he's hit his stride - this is his act. And he's just. Not. Funny. I had that old familiar feeling a … [Read more...]

Ultrasound image of baby “Emperor Palpatine” goes viral

The impression a vivid ultrasound image can make is not lost on the pro-life movement, but even those far outside its orbit have taken notice of a picture of an unborn child who bears a striking resemblance to a science fiction villain. When Heather and Toby Large of Illinois went in for a routine check-up of their unborn son, the process revealed a familiar face: Emperor Palpatine of the Star … [Read more...]

Dancing Sufis for Abortion reported some time ago about Planned Parenthood's latest, most bizarre effort to drum up support for its indefensible industry: holding a 40-day prayer campaign in favor of abortion. Kathleen Gilbert reported the 40 Days of Prayer material “lists 40 different prayers for those involved in the 'sacred care' of abortions to continue protecting, providing, and embracing the procedure … [Read more...]

I Told You So; Obama Incites Violence Against Innocent ATMs!

by Ben Johnson Barack Obama has proven adept at whipping his followers into fits of anger against a host of left-wing enemies: town hall participants in the summer of 2009, Tea Party protesters in 2010, Wisconsin and Indiana Republicans in 2011. The Left's furies have now been trained upon innocent little ATM machines on the streets. On Saturday, a group of Gay Pride agitators in Seattle -- … [Read more...]

Video: Obama Says ATMs Steal Our Jobs

Obamanomics has finally been explained. The president told Ann Curry the reason 1.9 million fewer people are working today than in 2009 is because of cutting-edge technology, like ATMs, that steal jobs from American workers. Yes, ATMs. 1. Remember when George H.W. Bush was ridiculed, falsely, for not knowing about electronic scanners in grocery stores? The first true ATM was introduced in … [Read more...]

Open Thread: The Anita Dunn Monster-Saint Free Association Game

One of these things is not like the other.... White House Communications Director Anita Dunn has famously named her two favorite political philosophers Mao tse-Tung and Mother Teresa. One of them was history’s greatest monster, the other its most recent living saint. The pair has nothing in common except that they both helped people meet God. So, in the spirit of Anita Dunn, what … [Read more...]

A Moonbat Endorsement

John Kerry has won the coveted Ted Kennedy primary. Massachusetts’ senior senator has said he will endorse John Kerry in 2008, even if Hillary Clinton runs for president. In response, Hillary reportedly asked Mike Dukakis, Walter Mondale, Jimmy Carter, and Dennis Kucinich to endorse Kerry, too. This blog originally appeared on Thursday, October 13, 2005, at 11:02 a.m. at Moonbat Central. … [Read more...]