Jeb Bush: Barack Obama ‘is a Christian’

Not everyone will vouch for President Barack Obama's Christian faith. At times, even he seems confused. But Jeb Bush says he has no doubt about Obama's faith. "He is a Christian," Bush told a crowd of 2,000 Republicans on Mackinac Island, Michigan. The media feeding frenzy began when Donald Trump took a question from a man at a town hall event. That man prefaced his question to Trump by saying … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Surprised if Jeb Bush Is Not the Establishment’s Choice in 2016

At the outset of the 2016 Republican primary season, a lot of my fellow political pundits considered Jeb Bush the inevitable GOP presidential nominee. I never believed it. Now, I'm not even sure Bush will be the Republican Establishment's final candidate in the primaries. To be sure, Bush-45 is the first choice of the corporate megadonors and party bureaucrats who have filled his father and … [Read more...]

Which Two Republican Candidates Got an “F” for Supporting Common Core?

They may be near the top of the polls, but two Republican presidential hopefuls flunked education policy by supporting Common Core, according to a conservative watchdog. American Principles in Action released a report card on the controversial, top-down federal standards that have parents perplexed and students undereducated. Two governors - Jeb Bush and John Kasich - got the lowest grade … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Raises Religious Liberty with South Carolina Pastors

Evangelicals say their top concerns now include the survival of religious liberty in the United States. Jeb Bush addressed that in his campaign announcement, and he raised it again Wednesday with a group of pastors in South Carolina. On Wednesday, he told a breakfast campaign event with 35 religious leaders that the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision, which legalized same-sex "marriage" … [Read more...]

Understatement? Jeb Bush says harvesting and selling babies’ organs isn’t ‘a compassionate situation’

The Bush family is not exactly known for its silver-tongued rhetoric. George W. Bush was famously tongue-tied, and Dana Carvey became a Saturday Night Live star by poking fun at Bush-41's peculiar speaking style. Jeb Bush may be opening the next chapter in that saga. In something of an understatement, Jeb recently clarified that dismembering unborn babies and selling their organs is … [Read more...]

Which Presidential Candidates Said We Should Abandon Marriage This Weekend?

Ignoring the advice of its first president, as well as another Wonderful Counselor, the Republican Party has become a house divided against itself on the issue of marriage. A few candidates remain determined to preserve the definition of marriage that has endured for millennia. Others have suggested political leaders fold their hand, "take a deep breath," and "move on" to issues the candidates … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Reveals his ‘Dream Ticket’ for 2016

He ran for the office himself. He has spoken before the Republican National Convention. And he brought tens of thousands of evangelicals into the political process. On Monday, Pat Robertson revealed his ideal choices for president and vice president in 2016. “I've said at the beginning of this thing that the dream ticket would be Jeb Bush for president and John Kasich as vice president,” … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Answers Evangelicals’ Top Question

Pastor Robert Jeffress lifted the veil on a private meeting the nation's Christian leaders had with a half-dozen presidential hopefuls, revealing the top question evangelicals want candidates to answer: Do you plan to fight the persecution of Christians by ISIS abroad and by the secular Left at home? This week Jeb Bush answered that question loud, clear, and publicly. Bush said the Obama … [Read more...]

Bad News for Jeb Bush Among Florida’s Evangelicals

Jeb Bush is scheduled to announce he is running for president later today, but a recent straw poll shows just how far he will have to go if he hopes to win over his party's conservative Christian grassroots. The Florida Family Action hosted its 2016 GOP Battle for Florida event last month. After a significant discussion of the candidates' views, the pro-family group held a straw poll. Jeb … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush has already ‘evolved’ on marriage, and his advisers are at war with social conservatives: Analysts

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2015 ( – The fact that Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with campaign advisers who have been hostile to social conservatives is just one sign that the former Florida governor has secretly “evolved” in his views of gay “marriage,” according to several figures who have spoken with him privately. Bush, a leading candidate for the 2016 Republican … [Read more...]