Lindsey Graham Turns a Question on Abortion into a Declaration of War on the Middle East

It started out as a question on abortion, but Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina managed to turn it into an assault on everyone on the stage who is not as eager to wage war on the Middle East as he is. The question from Martha McCallum warned that defunding Planned Parenthood would lead the Democrats to claim Republicans are "against women’s health, against these organizations that people … [Read more...]

Which Presidential Candidates Said We Should Abandon Marriage This Weekend?

Ignoring the advice of its first president, as well as another Wonderful Counselor, the Republican Party has become a house divided against itself on the issue of marriage. A few candidates remain determined to preserve the definition of marriage that has endured for millennia. Others have suggested political leaders fold their hand, "take a deep breath," and "move on" to issues the candidates … [Read more...]

This Republican Presidential Candidate Just Asked for ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner’s Vote

When confronted with the message that social conservatives would bolt the GOP if Republicans did not begin speaking out on cultural issues like the reality of gender, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham responded by asking Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner to join the party and vote for him. In an interview over the weekend, CNN anchor Dana Bash quoted talk show host Steve Deace that “if we’re not going … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham runs for president: I’m a a social conservative, but without the ‘animosity’

CENTRAL, SC, June 4, 2015 ( – Before a crowd in his hometown of Central, South Carolina, Sen. Lindsey Graham squeezed into the Republican presidential race on Monday, focusing on foreign affairs and sparing little time for social issues. “I will be a champion of social conservative values without apology, or animosity,” he said in a speech that did not use the words “abortion,” … [Read more...]

Renee Ellmers calls pro-life leaders who criticize her ‘abhorrent and childish’

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 3, 2015 -- Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has said that pro-life reaction to her killing a national 20-week abortion ban has been “abhorrent and childish.” Ellmers has defended her parliamentary actions that effectively canceled a vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on the morning of the March for Life – lashing out at Republican … [Read more...]

Lindsey Graham: I’ll make it easier to have a late-term abortion in the Senate version of the 20-week bill

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 27, 2015 -- After a revolt by Republican women indefinitely delayed the House vote on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Act, Senator Lindsey Graham has promised to strike a provision from the bill requiring women to report their rapes to the authorities from the senate version when he introduces it. “Nobody’s for rape,” Graham told Roll Call, the … [Read more...]

Golfing While the Constitution Burns

by Ben Johnson When Barack Obama and John Boehner played golf this weekend, they played on the same team. How appropriate. Barack Obama has violated the Constitution’s war-making power – reserved by Article I, Section 8, to Congress – from the moment he sent American troops into harm’s way without Congressional approval. He has been violating the War Powers Resolution since at least the … [Read more...]

Obama’s Defense Plan: “We Can Absorb a Terrorist Attack”

“September the 11th for them was a bad day; for us it was a change of attitude” — President George W. Bush, 2006. Barack Obama has a unique response to terrorist attacks: America can “absorb” them. A new book shows the president exhibits blasé indifference to the prospect of American citizens suffering another 9/11 attack from Islamic terrorists but is highly concerned that he not accept the … [Read more...]