People of the Year: Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean

The annual FrontPage Magazine Man of the Year award seeks to honor individuals who have devoted their lives to promoting the spread of liberty and the defense of their country and its people. Moreover, FPM seeks to fete those who have suffered as a result of their actions. In recent years, this has included Col. Allen B. West, John O’Neill, and Orianna Fallaci, whose good deeds have brought … [Read more...]

FrontPage Magazine’s Man of the Year (2003): Col. Allen B.West

This year offered any number of exemplary choices for FrontPage Magazine’s Man of the Year award. President George W. Bush, with the assistance of Tony Blair, courageously led the world to eliminate a terrorist regime, commanded a lightning-quick military victory, and ended the year by taking Saddam Hussein into custody. General Tommy Franks orchestrated the most successful campaign in modern … [Read more...]