John Kasich’s ‘Matthew 25’ ObamaCare Expansion Has Cost Ohioans $4 Billion

Following God's Word hurts sometimes – but misunderstanding God's Word hurts every time. Take the case of John Kasich, the Republican presidential hopeful who believed God wanted him to sign up more people for ObamaCare. "Now, if you ever read Matthew 25, I think, ‘I wanna feed the hungry and clothe the naked.’" he said on one occasion. Another time, he said, “When you die and get to the, … [Read more...]

Obama: America Was Not a “Great Country,” 1776-1965

As the nation digests Barack Obama's plan to ride a tax hike to re-election, one phrase from yesterday's budget speech confirms what this author has long stated: the president is fundamentally an anti-American Messianic figure who believes he was sent to save our nation from itself and its Founders. Speaking a line that was written in advance, approved by multiple layers of handlers and advisers, … [Read more...]

Pulling the Trigger?

The president’s health care speech last night consisted of discredited canards bookended by emotional manipulation. Between his distortions, token gestures for opponents, and lengthy bouts of tongue-lashing, Barack Obama signaled he will continue pushing forward toward socialized medicine. However, it seems likely he will move incrementally through a final bill that will nationalize health care a … [Read more...]