Day of Rubbish

  NOTE: A truism holds that some reviews tell you more about the reviewer than the material being reviewed. I'm sad to admit, this may be true of this article, and perhaps all my criticisms of Pat Buchanan's works while I was Managing Editor of FrontPage Magazine. In addition to believing the Bush administration about the Middle East, I was formulating or writing my Master's thesis about … [Read more...]

Where Pat Buchanan Went Wrong

I wrote several book reviews at FrontPage Magazine, including virtually every book Pat Buchanan wrote during my tenure there. In hindsight, these were hypercritical and, more damning for me, did not engage with the substance of his arguments. As I place this on my website nine years to the day I first wrote it, I can say this is perhaps the most defensible of my reviews of his work, which is … [Read more...]