This Ronald Reagan story is eerily close to Paul LePage’s real life ‘abortion’ experience (Video)

AUGUSTA, ME, September 15, 2014 ( – Can you bear one more Reagan pro-life story? Maine Governor Paul LePage told a haunting personal story last week about how his father physically abused his pregnant mother until she lost their child. That story sounds eerily close to a story Ronald Reagan told 30 years ago. Discussing his inveterate opposition to domestic violence, … [Read more...]

Video of the Day: GOP Candidate Tells Obama ‘Go to Hell’

Paul LePage is the Republican candidate for governor of Maine. He is currently mayor of Waterville, and he is no fan of President Obama. At a recent meeting, he told a fisheries forum, as governor, he would stand up to this out-of-control administration. A new poll shows LePage now in a statistical dead-heat with Democrat Libby Mitchell. According to local media, LePage has “regrets the choice of … [Read more...]