Scott Walker Cites God’s ‘Abundant Grace’ in Exit Speech

Scott Walker, the son of a Baptist preacher, grew up believing in God's grace. As he announced he was leaving the presidential campaign last night with evident disappointment, he made clear that God's comfort would be more than enough to sustain him. He closed his speech by thanking his family - his wife Tonette "who has been a rock," and his sons Matt and Alex, along with his parents and … [Read more...]

Scott Walker: ‘Terminate’ the Iran Deal

Scott Walker is using strong language to oppose the agreement between the Obama administration and the mullahs of Tehran, saying he would "terminate" it immediately after being sworn in. “The more we learn about the Obama-Clinton Iran deal, the worse it gets," he said today. "Allowing Iran to inspect its own alleged nuclear sites puts trust in a fanatical regime that’s cheated for decades and … [Read more...]

WATCH: Scott Walker says, ‘It’s only by the blood of Jesus Christ that I’ve been Redeemed’

American politics is probably the world's leading cause of atheism. Watching the unedifying parade of liars and knaves begging, scheming, bartering, bribing, and badgering people for their votes has made people wonder: If this is what divinely appointed authority looks like, what would the devil do? But the first Republican primary debate in Cleveland on Thursday contained a few beautiful … [Read more...]

Scott Walker: Where Does He (Really) Stand?

He's the talk of the Republican Party. He's polling first in Iowa. He is considered by many the man to be reckoned with in the 2016 primaries. And as of today, he's officially a candidate for president of the United States. But is Scott Walker the right candidate for conservative Christians? A GOP Favorite The two-term governor of deep-blue Wisconsin has been touted as a presidential … [Read more...]

Scott Walker Just Lost Major Financial Backers Because He Believes This

Usually, insincerity is considered a disqualifying trait in a presidential candidate. Forgetting what the Bible says about lying lips, voters distrust politicians who lie too often about issues that affect them personally. (Just ask George H.W. Bush.) But in some areas, apparently, lying is a prerequisite for support – one that is richly rewarded with an infusion of thousands of dollars into … [Read more...]