Aussie Communists: ‘Strike blows’ against the Church and capitalism with same-sex ‘marriage’

SURRY HILLS, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 26, 2012, ( -  The Communist Party of Australia has weighed in on that nation’s debate over marriage, stating that redefining the age-old institution is a vital pillar of the Marxist war against capitalism and the Church. An editorial in The Guardian, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia, states that marriage … [Read more...]

A Reason for the Left to Hate MLK

Earlier I noted the reasons Martin Luther King Jr. was not a conservative. He was not a New Left street radical, either. The young MLK rejected Marxism: During the Christmas holidays of 1949 I decided to spend my spare time reading Karl Marx to try to understand the appeal of communism for many people. For the first time I carefully scrutinized Das Kapital and The Communist Manifesto. I also … [Read more...]