Setting Murderers Free

THE ONCE-RESPECTED NEW YORK TIMES now specializes in “news” stories that undermine the war in Iraq, strengthen the prejudices of Bush detractors, cover the tracks of Islamic terrorists (aka “militants”), promote left-wing radicals (Lynne Stewart, Stanley Cohen, et. al.), and obscure the pro-terrorist and pro-Communist agendas of the organizers of “peace” demonstrations (International ANSWER and … [Read more...]

“Charitable” Foundations: ATMs for the Left

One of the unlamented developments of this election year is the Democratic Party’s retreat to the Left. Although the media claim the party's voters have learned their lesson by settling for the “electable” John F. Kerry, a cursory examination of the Democrats shows they remain animated by anti-Bush furor. The party rank-and-file may have decided they prefer the sing-song cadences of John … [Read more...]