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The Top Ten Stories and Non-Stories of 2006

Every year, the media’s choices of which stories to cover, which angles to report the news, and which experts to quote shape public outlook on the issues. In 2006, the press again emphasized some stories beyond their merit while ignoring issues of great importance. THE TOP TEN OVERREPORTED STORIES OF 2006 10. Al Gore’s Incoherent Truth-twisting. The Democratic Party reached a new … [Read more...]

Associated Propaganda Press

WHO IS THE BIGGER MURDERER: GEORGE W. BUSH OR OSAMA bin Laden? For the Associated Press, the scales are tipping in favor of our commander-in-chief. The world’s most widely syndicated news service made the oblique, unflattering comparison yesterday in a story headlined “U.S. Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9/11 Count.” The AP reported with bated breath: The U.S. military death toll in Iraq has … [Read more...]

Jeane Kirkpatrick, RIP

For many of us, December 7 has another reason to live in infamy. Last Thursday, Ronald Reagan’s first ambassador to the United Nations, Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, passed away at the age of 80. A tireless exponent of the truth, even when in environs as hostile as international diplomacy, she perfectly reflected her president's wishes and her nation's consensus. Her rhetoric “took everyone by … [Read more...]