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Conservatives Discover Obama’s Fascism — But Not What to Do About It

A series of federal regulatory measures has finally woken up the conservative movement to the dangers of Obama’s plan to rule by executive fiat. New regulations from the FCC, EPA, and HHS have tightened the feds’ grip around the internet, health insurance, and the energy industry. Net Neutrality, price fixing, and oversight of carbon dioxide as a “pollutant” — surely the only pollutant … [Read more...]

Obama Wishes You a Phony, Racist Holiday

by Ben Johnson The day after Christmas, President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama wanted all Americans to share in their overflowing holiday spirit, so they wished everyone a Happy Kwanzaa. On the second day of Christmas the First Family gave to us an official statement celebrating a “holiday” invented by an ex-con turned Marxist professor whose fanatical followers killed two men. (They … [Read more...]

Obama’s Coming Bank Grab?

If you have enjoyed owning a car company, you’re going to love getting voting representation in several banks nationwide. Barack Obama’s Treasury Department is already “monitoring” 19 banks and may appoint new board members. The trouble? They took TARP money and have fallen behind on their payments. Almost as troubling, the mainstream press is presenting things as though they had never been … [Read more...]

More Stealth Reparations: Obama Enacts Van Jones’ Indian Energy Plan

WASHINGTON, D.C., December 22, 2010 ( -- The Obama administration’s actions last week proved, although his ideology continues to guide the White House. Barack Obama called the leaders of American Indian tribes to Washington to witness him sign a UN treaty that, if followed literally, would return the entire continental United States to tribal control. He is not prepared to go … [Read more...]

How the Left Rules by Crisis (and the Dream Act Shamnesty)

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Liberals Unleash Lame Duck Power Grab

I’m sure it wasn’t their intention, but big-spending Democrats proved this author right today. Senator Harry Reid and his fellow liberals have unveiled a massive spend-fest and power-grab on Capitol Hill. They introduced this $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill during the lame duck session of Congress, which would allow the same representatives the voters just ran out of town on a rail to make … [Read more...]

“No Labels” Tries to Redefine Obama into the Center

This author has reported extensively on the new faux centrist organization "No Labels" and its organizers' efforts to form a new, national third party in time for the 2012 presidential elections. After its kickoff event yesterday in New York City, it is clear the group is rendering yet another service to the president: It attempts to portray Barack Obama as a centrist. In a story today, … [Read more...]

Obama’s DOJ Promises To Keep Serving Muslim Interests

Here’s a measure of just how subservient our present leadership is to American Muslims: Attorney General Eric Holder is reassuring Muslim groups that the Justice Department will continue persecuting prosecuting their enemies after they “raised concerns” the feds were unfairly targeting the Religion of Peace. The trouble, it seems, is that the Justice Department keeps arresting Muslims trying to … [Read more...]

Video: Obama Blames Bush Again, “We’ve Been Spending The Last Three Years Cleaning” Up GOP’s Mess

Yep, it’s still not his fault. After all, dragging this “car out of the ditch” is “probably going to take more than one president.” … [Read more...]

The American Dream Act: Deport Illegal Students

In the dead of night on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the DREAM Act providing amnesty to up to 2.1 million illegal immigrants. According to its proponents, the measure will provide a path to citizenship for the “best and brightest” illegal immigrants, those pursuing higher education or military service, who are more likely to be gainfully employed and less likely to be imprisoned … [Read more...]