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Aussie Communists: ‘Strike blows’ against the Church and capitalism with same-sex ‘marriage’

SURRY HILLS, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, June 26, 2012, ( -  The Communist Party of Australia has weighed in on that nation’s debate over marriage, stating that redefining the age-old institution is a vital pillar of the Marxist war against capitalism and the Church. An editorial in The Guardian, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia, states that marriage … [Read more...]

Expectant Mother, Badgered by Pro-abortion Co-workers, Turns to Advice Columnist for Help

Pressuring women to have an abortion is not limited to sexual abusers, manipulative husbands, and outraged relatives. One young professional is complaining that her co-workers are continually badgering her to abort her wanted unborn child, because it will interfere with her career. In Slate magazine's weekly “Dear Prudence” feature showcases advice columnist Emily Yoffe in a video segment … [Read more...]

Get the DOJ Out of our Restrooms!

From the right to abortion to “the separation of church and state,” the nation's courts seem to be in the habit of inventing new “rights,” entitlements, and emanations of penumbrae to justify their predetermined decisions. In that spirit, I propose a new legal doctrine: the separation of restroom and state. This novel concept is inspired by the Obama administration's decision to force the … [Read more...]