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Slate: Lying about rape is OK because abortion is fabulous

HOLLYWOOD, February 18, 2014 ( - The latest season of House of Cards has the pro-abortion movement excited – so excited it has inadvertently allowed a little truth to slip out: Abortion supporters believe lying about rape is praiseworthy as long as it protects abortion-on-demand. Pro-abortion extremist Amanda Marcotte could scarcely contain her rapture while reviewing the … [Read more...]

Ben Johnson publishes two pieces in two new outlets this weekend

I am proud to say that this weekend I had two articles posted in two websites that I had not written for before: 1. CNN Contributor Who Linked Pro-Lifers to Violence Had a 'Crush' on President of Iran - at You've read my previous articles about Sally Kohn, whose torrent of bad arguments and extremism has earned her steadily more prominent media exposure. Here is the best piece yet … [Read more...]