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Read the 25 rudest things women hear when they’re expecting again

The Duggar Family reunion in 2011May 27, 2014 ( - If you have more than our new, sub-replacement U.S. fertility rate of 1.88 children, you've undoubtedly heard them: Rude comments about your “large” family. Whether medical personnel continually ask you about sterilization at your medical check-ups, or fellow shoppers stare at your three children like the Duggars have just … [Read more...]

You’re uninvited: Memorial Day bash turns away pro-life speaker for giving women free ultrasounds

Bob Lenz, non-person MADISON, WI, May 23, 2014 ( – In the most recent example of the perpetual vilification, exclusion, and dehumanization of all people whose views of abortion are doubleplus ungood, NARAL and left-wing politicians prevented a Christian pro-life advocate from telling teenagers not to commit suicide. (Give them points for consistency, at … [Read more...]

Did Emily Letts really have an abortion? There’s one way to prove it

CHERRY HILL, NJ, May 13, 2014 ( – A rational person must assume that pro-life volunteers are lying through their teeth when they produce video footage of abortionists agreeing on camera to engage in illegal activity, but a paid and coached actress is telling the truth when she unveils heavily edited film of her allegedly “positive abortion experience.” At least, that's the … [Read more...]

Stay classy: ‘Pizza and Porno’ fundraiser will benefit Planned Parenthood

John Holmes about to testify about the Wonderland murders. May 12, 2014 ( – Planned Parenthood is anything but starved for funds, but it's always looking to sink its teeth into new revenue streams. And it has proven in the past that taste and decorum pose no barrier to their cashing a check. A St. Louis man has unveiled the newest benefit for the nation's leading abortion … [Read more...]

Which is ‘extreme,’ HGTV: Evangelical Christians or a racist abortionist accused of rape?

May 9, 2014 ( – As a child, one of my favorite radio shows was Paul Harvey's “The Rest of the Story.” Today, two simultaneous national news stories connected in a way that illustrations that overlapping nature of the culture of death. Let's bring these two threads together. The home improvement cable channel HGTV canceled an upcoming reality show because of the stars' … [Read more...]