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The mainstream media discover our 6-week-old story about the Satanic Temple’s ‘religious objection’ to pro-life laws

Satan and the media: A match made in.... July 29, 2014 ( – The media have been abuzz for the past 24 hours with a report that The Satanic Temple is demanding that women be excused from mandatory pre-abortion counseling on that grounds that it violates the religious teachings of Satanism. Indeed, there has been so much reporting that you may be tricked into believing it is … [Read more...]

James Garner’s mother died of a botched abortion, like too many other women

James Garner at the 1987 Emmy Awards. (Photo by Alan Light.) HOLLYWOOD, CA, July 21, 2014 ( – Two obituaries published this weekend show how little progress America has made on abortion in the last several decades. The death of actor James Garner saddened fans across the country. Born James Scott Bumgarner, the 86-year-old Rockford Files star overcame mental and … [Read more...]

Obama: I rely on population control fanatic who supports forced abortion in the U.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 18, 2014 ( – It's not every day that a politician boasts that he receives his expert scientific advice from a population control fanatic who has justified compulsory abortion for American women – but then, as he likes to remind us, Obama is not like other presidents. In a June 25 speech to the League of Conservation Voters, held in the … [Read more...]

State AFL-CIO president: ‘My hat’s off’ to illegal immigrant group for saying ‘Hell no to the Catholics’

Tom Chamberlain, president of the Oregon chapter of the AFL-CIO. PORTLAND, OR, July 17, 2014 ( – Senator Ted Cruz said on the Senate floor on Wednesday that the Democratic Party had decided to “declare war on the Catholic Church.” On the same day, one of the party's staunchest allies provided additional evidence that the political Left has a vendetta … [Read more...]

Obama fixes the VA crisis by posting Gay Pride posters!

July 8, 2014 ( – As the death toll at the nation's VA hospitals continues to mount, the Obama administration has shown that it is not completely incapable of changing the insides of those facilities. According to an e-mail from a dentist in the scandal-plagued department, the hospitals could not see veteran patients on time or effectively care for them, but they managed to … [Read more...]

Here are 100 great companies and non-profits that fought ObamaCare

The National Organization for Women calls them “The Dirty 100.” You might call them the Hundred Heroes. The pro-abortion feminist group released a list of 100 organizations that have filed lawsuits against the HHS mandate of the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare. That provision requires all but a narrowly defined group of religious organizations to provide contraception, … [Read more...]

Kermit Gosnell’s run-down house still causing a problem for his neighbors

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Dr. Kermit Gosnell is serving multiple life sentences for serial murder and selling illegal drugs at his filthy “house of horrors,” but even in prison his squalid and unkept ways are causing problems for the poor people of Philadelphia. CBS Philadelphia has found that his home in the city of Mantua is falling down, strewn with trash, and making neighbors … [Read more...]