You Won’t Believe How Many Americans Think Kim Davis Deserved to Go to Jail


Christians have been accused of living in a bubble. It’s said that those of us who are serious about our faith are “out of touch” with the rest of the country.

If this poll is accurate, it could be Exhibit A.

Nearly three-quarters of Americans agree that Kim Davis – the Born Again Christian clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky – deserved to go to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gays and lesbians.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 72 percent of people said, in essence, that Kim Davis got what was coming to her.

Some people don’t think Davis has served enough time in prison. The ACLU is asking that Davis be sent back to jail for contempt of court, according to Davis’ lawyer at Liberty Counsel.

Other LGBT activists have compared her to Adolf Hitler – which is pretty ironic, since Der Fuehrer put plenty of Christian clergy in jail for exercising their faith in defiance of government ideology.

Most Christians cannot fathom the notion of changing the definition of marriage, much less forcing someone to violate his or her faith to carry out a court edict not yet codified into state law. The overreaction is even more draconian, since other counties in Kentucky – and other employees inside her office – are willing to issue licenses to such couples, and Davis had asked for a religious accommodation that the state government turned down.

To Christians, these actions are baffling enough. But to throw Christians in jail for exercising their faith?

I hope I never understand the kind of thinking that would justify that kind of freedom-stifling ideology, which contradicts every liberty enshrined in our Constitution and protected by generations of American soldiers.

That so many Americans hold it makes me tremble, for them and our country.