Why This Catholic Congressman Won’t Attend the Pope’s Speech to Congress

Pope Francis will make history this week, when he becomes the first Roman Pontiff ever to address Congress. As important as the moment will be, one Catholic Congressman has said he will not attend, because of the likely subject matter. Congressman Paul Gosar, R-AZ, said that he's tired of hearing liberal policies being promoted on equal par with long-established Christian dogma, on issues like … [Read more...]

Actually, Rick Santorum Was Absolutely Right About That Columbine ‘Myth’

How far has America fallen, and how quickly? Sen. Rick Santorum tried to measure our moral decline at last night's opening debate—featuring four presidential candidates—by comparing those who cheered Kim Davis' arrest with another faithful person. Just "16 years ago, this country was tremendously inspired by a young woman who faced a gunman in Columbine [High School] and was challenged about … [Read more...]

Must-See: This Campaign Ad Salutes ‘the Transformative Love of Jesus Christ’

In a political landscape where politicians are told to avoid the possibility of "offending" people by mentioning God—and especially Jesus Christ—a new campaign ad is speaking about the healing power of the gospel to restore hearts, lives and homes. Sen. Ted Cruz has run the new ad in movie theaters in early primary states that are showing the Christian film War Room. The spot, called … [Read more...]

An Evangelical Author Reveals the One Scripture that Determined His Presidential Endorsement (Video)

In the Bible, Exodus 18:21 teaches Christians when picking leaders to "select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness." David Jeffers, author of Understanding Evangelicals: A Guide to Jesusland, in his latest video says that Scripture led him to make his presidential endorsement. Jeffers ultimately settled on Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX. "Ted Cruz has … [Read more...]

Inspiring Video: Standing Strong on Values will ‘Win the Hearts of America’

If Republicans want to win the next election, they will have to stand strong on values and avoid the factionalism fomented by their enemy, the media. That advice comes from one of the top exponents of values' voters concerns, Foster Friess. When questioned by Fox Business, the billionaire, who is heavily involved in Republican electoral politics, said the division between economic and social … [Read more...]

Scott Walker: Where Does He (Really) Stand?

He's the talk of the Republican Party. He's polling first in Iowa. He is considered by many the man to be reckoned with in the 2016 primaries. And as of today, he's officially a candidate for president of the United States. But is Scott Walker the right candidate for conservative Christians? A GOP Favorite The two-term governor of deep-blue Wisconsin has been touted as a presidential … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson Reveals his ‘Dream Ticket’ for 2016

He ran for the office himself. He has spoken before the Republican National Convention. And he brought tens of thousands of evangelicals into the political process. On Monday, Pat Robertson revealed his ideal choices for president and vice president in 2016. “I've said at the beginning of this thing that the dream ticket would be Jeb Bush for president and John Kasich as vice president,” … [Read more...]

Rick Santorum said Bruce Jenner ‘is a woman’ — but now he’s backing away

COLUMBIA, SC, May 4, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Hours after Rick Santorum offered some uncharacteristic comments that appeared to affirm that Bruce Jenner “is a woman,” the potential 2016 presidential candidate began walking back his statements. Santorum made the comment about the onetime athlete, who is now undertaking a very public gender reassignment, during a campaign stop in Columbia, South … [Read more...]

Republican leader orders pro-life ‘former fetus’ sign taken off lawmaker’s door

AUSTIN, TX, March 11, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A pro-life Texas lawmaker said today that House leadership ordered his staff to take down a pro-life sign he placed outside his office to affirm the humanity of the unborn. Texas Right to Life passed out dozens of personalized signs to legislators in the state capital of Austin this morning before Planned Parenthood activists visit to lobby their … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush has already ‘evolved’ on marriage, and his advisers are at war with social conservatives: Analysts

WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The fact that Jeb Bush has surrounded himself with campaign advisers who have been hostile to social conservatives is just one sign that the former Florida governor has secretly “evolved” in his views of gay “marriage,” according to several figures who have spoken with him privately. Bush, a leading candidate for the 2016 Republican … [Read more...]