Little Sisters vs. Big Brother: The Supreme Court agrees to rule on HHS mandate

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 6, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - The Supreme Court will decide whether the Obama administration can force employers to violate their religious beliefs and provide abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization, and contraception to all female employees next year. The justices announced on Friday that they will consolidate seven cases brought by religious employers against the … [Read more...]

Why Did This Candidate Say ‘Obama Lied to Pope Francis’ (And the World)?

The whole world seems to be talking about Pope Francis' visit to the United States. One of those is Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who is accusing  Barack Obama of a breaking one of the Ten Commandments in the papal presence. Obama this morning said that all Americans must be free to live out their faith. “President Obama lied to Pope Francis," said Gov. Jindal, a 2016 presidential … [Read more...]

WATCH: This Candidate Says Saving Religious Freedom Is ‘the Biggest Issue for the Next President’

What is the most important issue that will face the 45th president of the United States? Politicians used to name "education" as the most important challenge facing the country, so future generations could climb higher than their parents. As the nation's well-being declined, they named "the economy" as their main concern, hoping the current generation could just keep pace. Today, the survival of … [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee: ‘Lock me up’ in Kim Davis’ place

GRAYSON, KY, September 8, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Mike Huckabee hopes his next home will be the White House, but he's willing to go to the Big House, if it keeps Rowan County clerk Kim Davis free. The 2016 Republican presidential hopeful said in a rally this afternoon that if U.S. District Judge David Bunning wants to jail someone for refusing to issue marriage licenses, Huckabee would take … [Read more...]

‘Juno’ actress Ellen Page accosts Ted Cruz over LGBT rights. His response is a must-see (video)

DES MOINES, August 21, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) - Hollywood stars often confront conservative politicians for holding to traditional morality - but they seldom give those conservatives a chance to respond. On Friday, the actress Ellen Page questioned Senator and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz about his policies for "LGBT people being fired for just strictly being gay or … [Read more...]

This City Council Member Could be Prosecuted for Upholding Biblical Marriage

First the Lifestyle Left reappropriated the symbol of the rainbow. Now, it's threatening to prosecute a city council member for daring to point the fact out. On Tuesday, the Newport Beach, California, City Council voted 4-3 to condemn an e-mail sent by Councilman Scott Peotter. His offense? He pointed out that the rainbow had been instituted by God after Noah's flood as a sign that He would … [Read more...]

Striking Back Against Chris Christie’s Surprising Assault on Religious Liberty

Chris Christie hopes to land in the White House, but he may end up being taken before the Supreme Court. Attorneys have asked Supreme Court justices to review New Jersey Assembly Bill No. 3371 (“A3371”) - signed by Christie - which bans minors from voluntarily receiving "reparative therapy." The sessions, conducted by trained psychologists, do not promise to "cure" homosexuals but can help reduce … [Read more...]

The Newsboys Just Announced They Will Perform at a Campaign Event for This Candidate

The Newsboys have sold eight million CDs, won multiple Dove awards, been nominated for four Grammys, and had 33 number one songs.  Now they're trying their hand at politics. The award-winning Christian group will appear at the Rally for Religious Liberty on August 21 in Des Moines - an event sponsored by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. “Our … [Read more...]

‘Inspirational’: Ted Cruz Praises Christians Who Closed Business Rather Than Violate their Beliefs (Video)

In post-Christian America, people suffer for exercising common sense. Now, one Republican presidential candidate is drawing attention to the plight of faithful Christians in a powerful new video. Senator Ted Cruz believes that God-given rights and a Bible-based worldview are at least as important as homosexuals' "right" to force Christians to bake a cake, take their "wedding" photos, or rent … [Read more...]

Jeb Bush Raises Religious Liberty with South Carolina Pastors

Evangelicals say their top concerns now include the survival of religious liberty in the United States. Jeb Bush addressed that in his campaign announcement, and he raised it again Wednesday with a group of pastors in South Carolina. On Wednesday, he told a breakfast campaign event with 35 religious leaders that the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision, which legalized same-sex "marriage" … [Read more...]